Mustapha's Place

Zanzibar, Bwejuu, Tanzania, East Africa, budget hotel

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Karen and Alan Bazeley, UK/Zambia

Fantastic. Relaxed. Felt v welcome even with two young children. Would strongly recommend it.

Alex Ritter, Oregon, USA, March 2009

I was here and I had a wonderful, jammin' time. I won't ever forget Mustapha's Place!

Mari and Lauren, New York, US, July 2009

Asanta sana to the Mustapha's team! We really enjoyed our stay here and can't wait to come back and dig up more chago with the village kids. Thank you for the wonderful relaxed hospitality.

Sarah, UK/Australia, June 2009

What can I say? What an incredible experience, Zanzibar... Mustapha's... So beautiful, so laidback, so friendly. Thanks for making us feel so at home :)

Susie, UK June 2009

It was great to stay here! Nice people, nice music, nice mountain climbing, nice beach, nice cigarettes, nice bed, nice ocean, nice safari, nice food! I will always remember this place as paradise, pole pole, hakuna matata, karibu sana. Love and happiness, see you next time!

John, US, June 2009

I think my brain and heart will need several months to really understand the sights and sounds of this most amazing place - Zanzibar. Mustapha's made us feel not only welcome but part of a special family. Culture, Rachel and Jasmine have made this place a destinition unlike any I've ever experienced. I will always hold my time in Zanzibar very dear in my memories and in my heart. Thanks for this most wonderful time!

Paolo, Naples, Italy, January 2009

All is OK, the people are very nice, chilled and cool and the ambience, and for the first time we find Rasta man listen to salsa music! A very good cocktail!

Jan, Germany February 2009

What an amazing location! A fabulous beach, neat huts and of course great weather. Cool music in a relaxed atmosphere.

Johannes and Steffi

It was a very pleasant stay. Thank you for entertaining us even though it was low season. Steffi really enjoyed that everybody took so good care of her. Enjoy your beautiful island guys. Unfortunately we have to go back to rainy Europe!

Matt, UK, March 2009

Had a great stay. The guys are fantastic fun and made me feel at home! Asante sana.

Odelia, Israel, November 2008

Mustapha's Place is a real paradise!! I'm just six days back now to my home at Israel, and already I'm missing Aldo and the staff. The rooms are great, big and clean - you can have there the best rest ever! The staff is so kind, and will do anything to ensure your good time and comfort ! The food is fabulous - Abu is such a great cook! I even had the honor to be his student in the kitchen during my stay - it was so much fun! This was the first place I stopped in Zanzibar and I soon realised that it was the best one, I even went back there for my last two days in the island. It is the right place to chill out coming from a western country such as Israel...

I highly recommend everyone who wants to chill out and to meet great people - to stay at Mustapha's Place. I can't wait my next visit to Zanzibar and it will be Mustapha's Place again! Thank you so much for a memorable vacation!! I had the best time of my life!!

Margret and Erik, Holland, June 2009

Really a home away from home (but better) - wish we could stay longer!! Very relaxed atmosphere, great people, beautiful beaches and countryside, great food. We can certainly recommend a walk along the beach to the mangroves at Michamvi (but maybe take a dala dala back!) Best place we stayed in Tanzania! Asante sana.


Mustapha's Place is a PARADISE! It is chilled, great music and fantastic people. We will recommend your place to all our friends coming to Zanzibar -Asante sana! Iwona and the team (Poland, US, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Germany, Canada, Haiti)

Gregory, Slovenia, June 2009

Well I'm coming back! But except that, really really good food, chillaxed atmosphere, entertaining people, nice decorations and music. Always cold beer and enough Konyagi to stay awake. Don't go to Kendwa, come here and relax and enjoy unique beaches!

Margit, Germany, May-Jul 2009

Hi guys, What shall I say, it was wonderful and I will mis you guys all so much. In these six weeks there has been everything, but nothing was sad or lonesome. Every evening was like coming home to a crazy family and every morning was like getting up with a smile. I will feel cold in Germany, inside and outside. So it is quite sure that I will come back to warm up.

Siggi, Germany

WOOOOW!! The most beautiful place we ever been. Thank you for the great time, we will come again :)

Nils, February 2009

A beautiful place, nice location, very good music and cool people. Please keep on like this!

Thomas, South Africa, January 2009

Thank you for a wonderful experience - you guys cancel out all the bad things about Zanzibar (mosquitoes, hustlers). FRESH!!!

Morgane, Tanzania

I don't count any more how many times I've stayed at Mustapha's, it's just like a second home! When I go to Zanzibar I always end up there... and bring new people. It's great because everyone feels comfortable: my husband, my sister, my mum or my girlfriends. You always meet lovely and interesting people. And what I love the most is that you can party all night long or just relax and do absolutely nothing and never feel bad about it.

Simon and Liz, UK

Good music, good food, good company. Asante sana!

Rough Guide to Zanzibar

"A long-established, very welcoming place run by local rasta Mustapha and his family, on the land side of the road. Accommodation is in several coral-walled thatched rood bandas set in beautiful gardens and the bar is as good a place as any to learn African drumming."