Mustapha's Place

Zanzibar, Bwejuu, Tanzania, East Africa, budget hotel

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Prices for the rooms at Mustapha's are low compared to most hotels on the island and you get access to the same stunning beach and beautiful plant life as many expensive luxury hotels, but with a more laidback vibe. Please contact us for prices, but these start from $20 per person per night, depending on the number of people and type of room.

For those of you wondering why accommodation in Zanzibar is a bit more expensive than on mainland Africa, the reason for this is having to import most foodstuffs, drinks and building materials - our costs are much higher than hotels on the mainland, so we have to pass some of that onto the customer to remain in business and to pay staff fair salaries. Nevertheless, we aim to keep prices as low as we can and to be accessible to those travelling on a budget.


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We are just over an hour from the harbour and you can take the local dala dala 324 to Bwejuu (very cheap, about TSH2000, cramped and slow but interesting!), shared minibus (about $10, have to wait for other tourists to fill the bus,drivers often try to push you into other hotels where they get commission), or taxi (by far the fastest and least hassle, but quite a bit more pricy up to $50).

To find Mustapha’s Place, when you turn left at the Paje roundabout, continue past Paje and towards Bwejuu to the north. After a few minutes you will see a Mustapha’s Place sign on the right hand side of the road. Shortly after this is a red vodacom container. Loop around the back of the container and take the first main sandy road on your left. After a few minutes you will see a big orange house in front of you. Mustapha’s is just in to the right. Karibu!

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation received less than 48 hours prior to the arrival: 100% retention will be charged on the reserved room rate.

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Alternatively, you can arrange booking and transport by calling us on +255 (0)7720 99422 or whatsapp: +255 (0)772099422. You can also use our online booking form. Any and all emails sent to Mustapha’s Place are held in the strictest confidence.


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