Mustapha's Place

Zanzibar, Bwejuu, Tanzania, East Africa, budget hotel

Massage and Healing at Mustapha's Place

Mustapha's Treetop Spa will be offering professional massage and healing treatments for the months of June, July and August 2010.

Our therapist has over five years' experience in massage and healing. She works intuitively, with knowledge and love. Whether you need to just relax or de-stress, get to work on those knots and tensions in the muscles, or search for deeper releases to change the patterns of disharmony in any part of your being, we have the tools to help -and what better time than when you're in our beautiful, relaxing environment on the east coast of Zanzibar.

Therapies on offer (welcome first for a free consultation, where you can chat with our therapist to decide your best course of action):

Aromatherapy therapeutic massage:  With a blend of essential oils specially created for your needs, a relaxing and rejuvenating massage that will leave you feeling as good as new.

Deep tissue massage: Using a blend of aromatherapy oils, a deep massage aimed at eliminating muscular tension on all levels.

Indian yoga massage:  Using a combination of oil and ayurvedic herbal powder, hand strokes, foot strokes and stretches, this really is the ultimate massage everyone should try!

CranioSacral therapy:  A wonderful treatment, using the rhythm of the fluid in the brain and spinal cord, a deep state of stillness can be achieved allowing the body to release and take itself back into perfect balance.  Proven to help any issue, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Energy healing: Reiki, Chakra Healing and Theta Healing can work separately or combine together beautifully to take you on a journey towards good health and happiness.