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Game fishing local style

This is a piece that I wrote for the July-August edition of Swahili Coast. It was a rushed, last-minute trip having just got back from the UK, but I really enjoyed it and want to go fishing again!

Plenty of fish in the sea

Rachel Hamada goes game fishing for the very first time

Taking the Jambiani cultural tour

This is a piece that I wrote for Karibu magazine about the cultural tour that you can do in the coastal village of Jambiani - would recommend it for all visitors to the East Coast who want to understand a bit about the history, culture, flora and fauna of the area.

Unguja Ukuu - a gem of Zanzibar

This is an article I wrote for the May-June edition of Swahili Coast magazine, which came out earlier this week. It's about the southern Zanzibari village of Unguja Ukuu, a location scarcely visited by tourists but with a rich mythology and stunning islands to the south.